Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Who was that pointy eared bastard?

As you may or may not have figured out by now, I've been working on a Spock doll for a few weeks. One of my coworkers requested a look-alike of the "new hot Spock" for his daughter's 16th birthday. Now, I'm not much of a Star Trek fan, but I do enjoy the new movie, and I'm a huge Zachary Quinto fan, so I reallllllly didn't mind doing the research for this little guy.

When I finally got out my copy of Star Trek on the second or third night working on Spock, I was in the middle of working on his second leg. As I'm swearing at my work and ripping out the leg because I wrote the pattern incorrectly, the scene comes up where Kirk gets suspended and he argues with Spock. As one final profanity flew out of my mouth, Spock walks away and Kirk asks "Who was that pointy eared bastard?" Since then that's what I've called the doll. Now it's a term of endearment more than it was when I was mad at the leg.

Unfortunately, Star Trek is only a couple hours long, and there has certainly been more time put into Spock, so I decided to start a Heroes marathon via Netflix to get my fill of Zachary as Sylar. This lead to a whole new appreciation for Sylar and entertaining pictures below - a 2 part series I like to call "Spock meets Sylar."

As if it couldn't get more disturbing than that... it was finally time to start working on his hair. Balding Spock looks entirely too much like my dad. My dad even has slightly pointy ears! Does this mean I'm part Vulcan?!?!?!

Today at lunch I finally finished him. He's awesome and fantastic and doesn't look anything like my dad anymore. I really had a blast working on him and now I just have to edit the pattern and get it ready for publishing! Custom orders rock!!!

In between working on Spock I've still been working on the Dragonflies shawl...

Day 5, Triangle 1: 12 shells = 1 hour
Day 6, Triangle 1: 13 shells = 1 hour
Day 7, Triangle 1: 14 shells = 50 minutes
Average: 4.4 minutes per shell
Total: 105 shells = 8 hours 10 minutes