Monday, June 14, 2010

Knitting is like childbirth

Ok, so I don't have children, I've never given childbirth, and my comparison is a bit of a stretch, but just give me a chance to explain.

I hear the same story from everyone I know who has multiple children. The first pregnancy happens and it's a wonderful thing. She has a baby growing inside her! Yay! Then the baby is due and she can't wait to get this #(*(@#^ blessing out of her. Time to give birth and lots of pain is involved. Soon enough there's this awesome new person and it's all worth it (well, until they turn into teenagers but that's a whole other story). A couple of months or years or whatever goes by and it's time to have another baby. By then most of the pain is forgotten. This chunk of time has passed and she has this awesome kid to show for it, so why not do it again, right? Then the cycle starts all over including the pain and the new added question of "Why am I doing this again? Why didn't I remember the pain? Omg what am I DOING?!?!?!" Of course she's past the point of no return, she gives birth, and yay there's a new baby and this one is awesome too. It's a vicious circle.

Here's the part where it relates to knitting. As we all know, knitting isn't my favorite thing to do (check out yesterday's post if you don't believe me). On occasion I get it in my head that I want to start a new knitting project. I'll find a pattern that is all kinds of awesome and amazing and I'll know that I can't achieve the same thing by crocheting (feel free to make your own knit-to-baby comparison here). I'll get my needles out and new yarn and cast on and I'll be happy - much like the pregnancy glow. After a while we enter the baby due-date section of knitting which is where I start swearing about "if I crocheted this I would freaking be done by now!!!" Then there's the birth where I just want to get the thing done and back to my other projects and wondering why I ever learned to knit in the first place and what the hell is wrong with me. Then it's over. I cast off and I have this beautiful new knitted item that I love. The pain is still fresh I know know I'm never going to knit anything again. Of course, a couple of days weeks or months pass and I get the hankering to knit again. Again, a vicious circle.

The reason I'm bringing this up now is that I finished my Beauxbatons fingerless mitts last night and I love them and they're amazingly awesome and I hate that I have to give them away in a swap. But I swear I'll never knit again. Hmmm, maybe I shouldn't have agreed to make a pair for my boss :-/

At this point the "glow" is gone and I know I could have finished them by now. Just put the thumb stitchs on spare cables.

Finished the main portion of knitting, just have to go back and add on thumbs. Do they really need thumbs? Can I stop knitting now????

Allllllllllllmost done! I completely finished one mitt, and all I have to do is weave in the ends and turn up the hems on the other mitt.

All done! Yay! I'm never freaking knitting again. Well, at least not until next time.


  1. LOL I love the comparison to childbirth! How funny! Adorable gloves!

  2. I guess it could be compared to childbirth?! LOL! Though I do remember thinking that crocheting was so much better (FASTER) than knitting...okay, well, it still is, but I love that I'm bi-stitchual (ha!) and can do both!

    Those gloves are awesome, though!!!!!

  3. Thanks Dulcy! I also love that I'm bistitual (and I really love your term for it), because there are some things that just need to be knitted. But I'll usually pick a hook first!

  4. Hee hee ... read what i wrote in my blog about knitting and childbirth!! lotsa love, lulu2