Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Knitting is fun?

Never thought I'd hear that phrase come out of my mouth, but it's the truth. I just had fun while knitting. I just finished my Kool-Aid Twisty Twigs earflap hat and I had so much fun knitting it. I'm pretty sure this is my first knitted project EVER where swearing wasn't involved. In fact, I didn't complain about this project once. I even finished in less than a week!

Last Thursday I was having a bad day. Life got in the way and my crafting mojo was pretty much non-existant. I dyed some yarn which was pretty awesome, but I just wasn't feeling anything else. My brain wasn't exactly functioning. I have a montain of projects that need to be worked on, but I just couldn't get in the groove. I was in a bad mood and I wanted something that would cheer me up. Deciding it was time to say "screw it" to the have-tos, I grabbed my first skein of Kool-Aid yarn and got to work on the hat. It was a simple enough pattern, but also added some challenge and I could think about the hat and not life - something that I really needed. I was only going to give myself that evening to work on the hat then I'd go back to my regularly scheduled crafts.

It was so much fun showing off the way the yarn knitted up while I was at work on Friday, that I decided to keep knitting on it at lunch time. I just didn't want to put it down because with each stitch I got to see the way the colors played out. This hat was just so much fun to work on that I decided the rest could wait. I'm really glad I continued with it. I'm ready to get back to the have-tos and I don't feel nearly as burnt out. This will most likely be a Christmas present, but I still felt like I was making it for me. I should do that more often. I spend so much time making things for others, it's nice to spoil myself ;-)

actual color of the hat and detail of cables

full hat with braided ties :-)


  1. I love it. The yarn knitted up beautifully.

  2. hey! it's gorgeous! and guess what.. i am teaching myself to knit too.. cool!