Tuesday, July 6, 2010

And so it begins...

Today I decided to start a photo journal. The basic idea is to take a picture every single day of something I find interesting and share it with the world. I'm not sure how long I'll actually keep this up, but the idea intreagues me. I love taking pictures and I have my camera with my 90% of the time. What do you think? Can I keep it up? Might as well start with Day 1, huh?

#1: My Favorite View from Everett

This is a shot of Hat Island from Howarth Park, my favorite place in the world. As much as I've traveled, no place has ever given me the feeling of peace that Howarth always does. Howarth never lets me down. I love spending warm summer evenings laying on the beach, reading, and watching the sun set.

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